Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus


That all who have visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury in the past with sincere wishes / prayers to understand that Our Lady is alive and the mother of Jesus be blessed with peace of mind.

Friends with Faith

Holy Mother, please pray for Joy who is troubled, that she may soon be able to resolve the issues that are causing her distress and find peace of mind again. Amen

Carmela Kelly

I humbly implore you, Lord through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother under her titles of Our Lady of Glastonbury and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, together with Bl. Richard Bere, Bl. Richard Whiting, Bl. John Thorne and Bl. Roger James, to heal my beloved 18 year old daughter Alice Carmela (soon to depart for Exeter University) from the mystery illness which has afflicted her physically, mentally and spiritually for some weeks now (and, at times, rendered her bed-bound, threatening to prevent her from travelling to Exeter at the start of term) and to bless, protect, guide and strengthen her, comfort her in time of trial, and draw her closer to you, Lord.


Holy Mother, please intercede for your devoted son Louis who is critically ill, that his strong faith will continue to sustain him in body and soul. Amen


Please pray that I get the job I recently interviewed for.


Please can we pray for Bridget Forbes that her imminent operation will be successful and to also pray for her family.

Family and Friends

Holy Mother, please pray for John who is gravely ill, if it be the Lord's will that a miracle may happen so that he can be well again. Please pray that he does not suffer too much and that he can find solace and peace from his faith. Please pray for John's sons Michael and Graham at this difficult time, that they may also be granted understanding and consolation and confidence in our Merciful Lord. Amen


Holy Mother, please intercede for Rita who is seriously ill in hospital,if it be God's will that she may be well again.Please pray that her suffering may be relieved and that she can gain peace and strength from her strong faith. Please pray for Rita's family that they may also find strength and comfort at this difficult time. Amen

Stephen mathew

Please pray for Stephen mathew as he is suffering from heart disease