Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus


Our Lady of Glastonbury, please pray for Michael and Michael's daughter for healing and the gift of faith for them both.


Holy Mother, please pray for the peaceful repose of Christine who passed away recently in hospital following illness. Please pray also for her husband David who is also unwell; for his consolation and for his health. Amen


Please intercede for me now and ever with the INTENTIONS very dear to me and THOSE buried in my heart, especially for BREAKTHROUGH IN MY BUSINESS AND RESTORATION OF HEALTH OF CHETA IFEABUNIKE.


Our Lady of Glastonbury, please pray for me and for my intentions. Thank you.

antonella and gilberta - antony

I ask urgent prayers for my mother, I implore the Lord to physically heal her from serious illnesses, to also give her spiritual healing and the ability to forgive all those who have harmed her; may the Lord forgive his sins and give him peace and serenity. Jesus, I beg you to intervene soon, bless my family, Antony's family, and also give me and Antony physical healing. Thank you.


Blessed Mother, into your hands my need for work and blessings on the business, all for the glory of God. Thank you


Please pray for my friend John who is very ill in hospital. May he make a full recovery. He is a good man who means so much to his friends and family.


Dear Mother Of Glastonbury, Thank You for your tender love as our mother and how you intercede for us as your children! please ask God to have mercy on the world, as I pray that many more come to see our part in prayer (especially The Rosary). I thank you for all the blessings so far and new jobs for two children, for one child uncertain in next step. for our move if God's will. For my friend Patrick and his son and fair and just outcome
in family matter asking for the protection of the precious blood of Jesus. For England, Mary's Dowry, for wisdom for our political leaders. For less abortions, an urgent return to holiness,confession, fasting, Rosary, Adoration, reception of Christ in grace of Confession , for the Holy Spirit to descend on England in a bolt of transfigured light ..please.. we beg!For courage in individuals and priests and for more vocations. Jesus, you take over!! Amen