Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus


Holy Mother, please intercede for my father, Colin, who is very seriously ill. Please pray that he may soon be made well again. Thank you.


Please pray for baby Curtis who is in desperate need of your intercession


A parishioner has asked for special prayers for Lucy who is in desperate need.


Holy Mother, please pray for my own mother Kathleen, your devoted daughter, who is very old and terminally ill; that she may find comfort and consolation and peace from her deep faith, and that she may be spared from too much suffering. Amen

Brent of USA

Please pray for healing of Throat pain, throat bleeding, eye floaters, and dizziness. Please pray for financial blessings to bless ministries, pay off debts, and to bless others. Please pray for blessings and protection for Whitten and Asher. Thank you and God Bless.

Brent Michael Keith

For Brent, please pray for healing of throat pain, throat bleeding, eye floaters, and autoimmune disease. Pray for financial blessings to pay off all debts. For Brent, Whitten, Asher, Steven, and Nancy, pray for blessings, protection, wisdom, favor, and abundant good health for 2018. Thank you and God Bless.
Brent Keith
Nineveh, Indiana


Please pray for a mediator G. Kingston, who will attempt a final mediation with R/C couple and family as court due tomorrow.
Please pray for the Dad(convert to r/c faith) as he is with new partner, new house, etc but being very mean/unfair re: mortgage committments. For God's holy will and for 2018 for our family in our brokeness and togetherness via young adults: 23,21,17 yr old twins still at home with me.Placing all into Mary's heart at Glastonbury as I place the priest who will read this, Kim, the town and all who go to the tor and Diocese and UK. "Always we begin again" St Benedict. Amen
Many many thanks as you are also in my novena too.. Pray , hope and do not worry. If you worry why pray? If you pray why worry !!


For complete cure from drug addiction for my son Ryan. For him to get a job, good wife and live a decent life.
For forgiveness and peace and harmony in our family.


Please pray hard/ Rosaries, say Mass specifically for two particular pro-choice persons regarding life, contentious objection and decriminalisation of laws around terminations. They were in debate in Woodlands Church Bristol last week 1/2/2018 and were given food for thought from Chaplincy Pro -Life R/C students and LIFE charity and Right To Life Mr Williams who WAS once Pro-Choice too!! and is back in his R/C faith ).Let us truly beg God's mercy, focus our prayer as it is such a force that opposes Holy God and we humbly call on the power of the Precious Blood of Our Lord for Ann and Alberto as we ask the specific help of Good St Anne, Patron Of Motherhood, St Gerard Majella and St Albert also the Archangel Raphael for inspiring enlightenment and healing for post abortion women and healing for these deceived activists and this country still drenched in the blood of millions of innocent babies. Lord we hugely beg mercy as we place all into Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart and ask for a change of heart via Birmingham where our Holy Father preached on Heart Onto Heart.We pray that the culture will turn away from this medicalised practice of the legal breaking God's laws of life. In your name Lord Jesus and we call afresh on your name today as we place all into the kindest of all heart's Yours o Sacred Heart Of Jesus and that of your sweet mother Mary's heart.She is the mother you gave us to pray with us in these deeply decadent and troubled times . Help us to see the urgency in this continued and protracted plight for the unborn and for more prayer/masses/adoration specific to this intention. Lord take away our hearts of stone and give us a heart of flesh as we start again with vigor as we ... pray , we hope and don't worry !! Amen. St Bede pray for that lovely new priest as we call on the intersession of Mary Of Glastonbury with her white roses.Help us to try harder than yesterday as God loves a tryer !!!

Brent Keith

For Brent, please pray for healing of throat bleeding, throat pain, eye floaters, and autoimmune disease. Pray for blessings over work and finances. For Brent, Whitten, Asher, Margaret, Ann Elizabeth, Mary Hope, Steven, Nancy, and Michael, pray for blessings, protection, wisdom, favor, holiness, purity, success, and abundant good health. Thank you and God Bless.