Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus


Please help me pray for my Granddaughter Sofia and her family. She has been diagnosed with a severe form of scoliosis. She is finding it very difficult to process the diagnosis at 12 years old and is subsequently unwilling to wear a specially made brace.I pray that she can find the courage and willingness soon to wear it and to accept the help which is being offered from everyone.
I ask too for your help, to pray for Tony,my dear younger brother, for him to see a clear path in his life after having several years of torment and anguish.He is so loved by his family but cannot see this.I pray he doesn't allow himself to become vulnerable....
Please pray also for Susie who at 30 sadly will undergo radical surgery for a rare form of cancer, that she finds courage to get through this ordeal. May she recover well both physically and mentally.
A final request for help with my dear friend and son's mother in law Sue, who last week suffered a stroke to the right side. May she remain as lovely and positive as she is but that somehow she will regain at least some mobility to the affected side.
May our Lord Jesus and our Mother Mary shower them all with their blessings and love. May their guardian Angels stay close by their sides...


Please pray for my son Kevin who is going through a very difficult time emotionally at the moment. Please pray that he keeps forever hopeful and that he will come out of this dark time very soon.


Please pray for Nadia Earner who is in hospital undergoing treatment for cancer. Please also pray for her mother who is deeply distressed and concerned over her daughter's illness.


For my lovely dad Geoff Burrows who is ending his life with a brain tumour.
That he might find relief from his pain, to be comforted to understand that he is at home and surrounded by his loved ones, and to be able to say goodbye gently as he wanted and know that all is well.


Please pray for Sue who has undergone a very threatening personal experience which has affected her and her whole family. We pray that she gets the support and justice to help her in her recovery.

Sister Anne

I offer up to Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury prayers for my niece Claire who is seriously ill.


Please pray for little Alex Malcolm aged five who was brutally beaten to death by his mother's boy friend. May Our Lady take him into her loving arms where he will feel the warmth of her tender love and caress.