Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus


For all those who need help to be confident to go out again as the virus situation improves.


Special petition if gods will thank you


Special intention to make friends with a certain person if it’s gods will thank you


Holy Mother, please intercede for Steve who recently died alone, that the Lord will have mercy on his soul. Amen

Shrine Manager

Dear Holy Mother, please intercede for baby Fortune in Kajuki who needs further surgery to repair an implant in her brain, that this surgery will be successful and permanent so that she will be well again. Please pray for Doreen, Fortune's mother, for her strength and consolation during this worrying time, and for the hospital and surgical staff who will be looking after her Fortune. Amen.

Julia and Kim

Holy Mother, please intercede for Colin who is critically ill and suffering with cancer and other complications that, please God, he may be well again. Please pray for relief of his distress, and the distress of Viv and their children. Give them strength and comfort at this very difficult time. Amen.


Please wrap your arms round and protect our 14 year old granddaughter who is suicidal, and is in hospital after a recent attempt. Please pray for healing of mind and spirit, and intercede with your Spouse, the Holy Spirit, for His light, and with the Son for His courage, and with the Father for His Love.


Please pray for the healing of my family and for spouses for each of the unmarried members. Thank you.

Andrew from Exeter

That Our Lady by her prayers to her Son will secure faith in God for my wife and children; and comfort people the world over most especially those migrants and asylum seekers trying to cross the English channel.

a devoted daughter

Holy Mother, please intercede for Becky, that her diagnosis will be treatable and that she will soon be well again. Please help Chris and the boys to keep strong and well and understanding. Please pray for this loving family and grant them your protection. Amen