Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus


Our Dear Lady Queen of Peace we so much need the answer to our prayers for the war that is escalating between Russia and Ukraine.
So many lives to be lost. Please bring an end to this war and to bring harmony and peace once again to these areas. Help President Putin to feel compassion and love for his people and Country and the people of Ukraine. Thank you.


Holy Mother, Queen of Heaven, please intercede for our dear Queen Elizabeth in this year of her Platinum Jubilee, that she may soon overcome the ongoing effects of her Covid infection and be restored to good health in time to enjoy her Jubilee celebrations.


I ask Jesus in the name of the father for an end to suffering in Mariupol that everyone gets food and water and medicine urgently amen


holy mother watch over my partner karen who is going into hospital this coming week may her operation be successful and her health restored


Dear kind Mother Of Glastonbury, I place in your heart and prayers and close to thy Son's Holy holy altar: The siblings, parents(both in nursing home) Mum and Dad O'Brien, Carlow, Eire. This is especially for Mr O'Brien who is recovering from a health set back and daughter Antionette and Hettie soon to travel to Ireland and for this lovely family at this healing time. For all "Lost Babies" via Abortion. For Ukraine and peace in the world. For Our Eternal Queen , The deeply kindly and ever loving Blessed Mother Of Glastonbury and her Son , our one and only Saviour we are so grateful for . Amen.

Stefan K. and family

Holy Mother of Glastonbury, please bless me and my family in harmony, health, protection. Lead us into a good new life in Sweden on God's holy path, Amen.

Gerry and Douglas

Holy Mother, please intercede for our sister Moira who has just completed chemotherapy treatment and now contracted Covid and has a chest infection. Please pray that she will soon be cured of the infection and will get well again. Amen