Petitions to Our Lady of Glastonbury

Fr Kevin from Glastonbury

That our shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury may be a place of healing and serenity. May all who visit us here be led to Jesus

John Mary Vaughan

Our Lady of Glastonbury, pray for me and protect me from the works of Satan; guide me and make me worthy of carrying out Christ's will among the world. Amen.

Michael from Phoenix AZ

Holy Mother, I ask your prayers please, for me, for holy purity, for the Church and for our Holy Father Pope Francis. Amen

Justin Mathew Francis Ursell

The Most Blessed Holy Virgin Mary, Please I humbly ask pray for me now and at the hour of my death, please intercede in my life, heal bless prosper and protect me. You know my situation and its roots, please with your Angels and Arch Angel Michael, and the saints uproot and cut these Cords ies Knots and replace them with thy healing maternal love from their origins all the way to now. Please help this wretched sinner save this soul. Thank you.


Please pray for baby Nathanial who has had open heart surgery and for his family who are very concerned for his health. Please pray that the operation is successful.

Eric and Sarah

For healing and reconciliation in our marriage and for softening of hearts and pride. Pray also for our three young children, Clara, Sophie and Hugh.


Holy Mary, pray with us and for us on the island of Guernsey, as the local government debate the introduction of Assisted Dying.
'Under your compassion we take refuge, Theotokos, do not overlook our prayers in the midst of tribulation, but deliver us from danger, O pure and blessed one'


Please pray for my sister that she and her husband are blessed with a baby


Our Lady of Glastonbury, please heal my mothers broken heart following the death of my father. Please let her feel some peace that he is no longer suffering.


For Brent and Stacey, pray for blessings and protection over marriage. Pray for mercy, grace, fidelity, love, peace, kindness, tenderness, and mutual understanding. Thank you.


Please pray for my Mother and Fathers souls. They have both passed and I miss them both dearly. My mother passed on just recently, my partner thought then would be a good time to leave, and I am struggling with my siblings to attempt to keep the peace between them with one attempting to destroy all in their attempt to gain inheritance money. Please give me strength, wisdom and peace of mind. I miss my mother dearly.