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Finance and Fabric Committee

In Canon Law the Parish Priest is solely responsible under the Bishop and local legislation for the Administration of the parish, including the management of the assets.
Every parish is required to have a Finance Committee in place to assist the Parish Priest in this task.

The membership of the Finance and Fabric Committee, under the chairmanship of the Treasurer, are the Parish Priest, Shrine Manager, Clerk of Works, Minute Secretary and at least two appointed lay members. The lay members shall be appointed for three years and retire in rotation, but may be eligible for reappointment.

The functions of the F & F Committee in the main, are to:

Finance and Fabric Committee

Parish Priest: Rev. James Finan
Treasurer: Barrie Rees
Clerk of Works: John Lavery
Shrine Manager: Kim Woolmer
Minute Secretary: Tricia Alford
Member: Bill Furness